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BOTOX injections are one of our favorite treatments due to it's effectivness and versatility in eliminating wrinkles near the eyes and forehead. We offer BOTOX at Haut Spa Medica in Newport Beach.

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Complimentary 30 Minute Consultation with Dr. Tamiry


BOTOX, Fillers, Injections, Lasers and cosmetic treatments can seem overwhwelming. Spend some time with Dr. Tamiry as he will answer any questions you might have as well as make his recommendation on treatments you may need to achieve your desired look.

New to BOTOX & Haut Spa Medica

$200 for 20 Units (Injected by Dr. Tamiry)

BOTOX is a very popular yet treatment and at Haut Spa Medica, it is one of the most popular treatments that we offer. It eliminates wrinkles such as crows feet and forehead lines. Results are quick (usually within a few days) and results can last up to four months.

There are also many misconceptions about BOTOX and we can help you decide if they are right for you. We offer multiple brands of BOTOX and other types of wrinkles injections. Dr. Tamiry will assess and make the recommendation that would be produce the desired cosmetic result.

45 Minute Gentleman's Touch-Up

$1,600 (Treatment Done By Dr. Tamiry)

A mans face can be rejuvenated with a visit to HAUT SPA MEDICA. This procedure tackles the most unwanted signs of aging including wrinkles around the eyes as well as volume loss near the eyes and jowls.

The treatment can includes up to two syringes of filler and 20 units of a wrinkle relaxer that will have you looking refreshed and ready to become VP.

Lip Filler with Versa

$400 Treatment by Dr. Tamiry

Try the newest filler for lip injections while it lasts! This filler is FDA approved and receiving great reviews. This is a perfect filler that is affordable and perfect for those that are new to lip fillers. So substitions or half-syringes are offered with this treatment.

Refer a Friend, Recieve $50 Gift Card


Refer your friends and family to recieve a $50 giftcard for your next treatment. We love our clients and reward them for their loyalty. Take advantage of this offer by bringing a friend in for your next treatment.
Referral must purchase treatment of $400 or more in order to recieve giftcard. Giftcard could be used on second visit.

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